Business coaching for creative business owners.

Helping you to grow your business, increase your profits and boost your creative output

Business coaching for sustainable success, using proven methodologies 

Are you looking to grow your creative business successfully? Do you have the sales, marketing and effective operations in place to make growth happen and sustain it for good? 


I'm Manish Kapur, a business coach and consultant, and I work in partnership with creative entrepreneurs, helping them to grow their business with proven and guaranteed sales and marketing strategies.


I combine my experience as a board-level director at a £50m turnover global creative agency with the proven marketing, sales and operational methodologies developed by Chrysalis Partners. It's an independent, delivery-focused approach that gets the results you need.

The business growth health check

Take the free diagnostic tool to see how effective you are across the four key pillars of business growth - Marketing Proficiency, Lead Generation, Sales Conversation, and Customer Maximisation.

How coaching can help

Coaching is perfect for growing businesses that need to take rapid action to succeed. As an experienced business director, I understand the issues you face and how to overcome them. A coach is an agile way to tackle your specific challenges and highlight where improvements can be made. 

The coaching experience 

Coaching is not consultancy. It is more flexible, adaptable and agile. It lets me take an interest in every detail of your business and work hand in hand with you to improve sales, marketing, and efficiency. We’ll work together to develop the business, achieving sustainable growth in revenue and profitability in the short and long term — adding real value, gaining momentum, and giving you a better quality of life.  

What coaching can achieve for your business

Increase your sales and profitabilty

Structure your business for growth

Reorganise your business to free up your time

Successfully plan an exit strategy


Discover the steps you need to take to dramatically 

grow your business and increase your profits

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  • Pinpoint the obstacles holding you back from peak performance

  • Learn the steps you need to take to drive your business forward

  • Find out how to regain control of your business and time


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Enjoy guaranteed results

Business coaching is a relationship built on trust. So I make an offer to all my new clients: if I haven't increased sales turnover by the value of my fees in the first six months, I'll continue for free until I have.

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A proven and repeatable strategy 

My coaching style combines personal experience and research with proven, repeatable strategies developed by Chrysalis Partners. These strategies locate and target the key areas of your business that need change the most, and provide a structured method to effect that change. Every part of the strategy is tested and analysed to make sure it’s making a difference. 

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