Are You Nurturing Existing Customer Relationships?

Updated: May 16

It is vital now to look after your existing customers, even more so than ever before. They will be feeling the same insecurities and fears as you.

Whatever you can do to help and support will be appreciated. Do this well and you will be rewarded with loyalty in return; this is an opportunity to turn existing customers into lifetime customers. Other companies in your market will almost certainly not be doing this!

• Communicate, communicate, communicate. Deliver frequent, positive and personal. communications across multiple media channels. Even something as simple as a text or call to see how they’re doing will be much appreciated. • Deliver great customer service – go over and above what you would normally do. • Offer great free advice that will help your customers’ businesses; maybe provide guidance on something related to your business or theirs. • Be inspirational and passionate about your business. • Take care of people – how you manage relationships will really matter. • Keep marketing and selling but add exceptional value - empathise.

To see the other 6 steps, you can take now to emerge stronger after this crisis, download our FREE COVID-19 Playbook by clicking on the link below


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