Have you got a marketing plan?

When we first start to work with a new client, we typically find that some have sales plans, though not all, few have a marketing plan. I prefer to call it a ‘Marketing Activity Plan’. It should include short and medium-term goals for the year, broken down to at least monthly marketing activities to help support your sales plan and drive your business forward. It doesn’t need to be a huge document, should be clearly visible for the team to see and should be reviewed on a regular basis.  Used effectively, over time you will be able to calculate the cost of acquiring each customer which will help you when it comes to planning for realistic and achievable sales goals.  It’s crucial to ask each new customer where they heard about you or why they called to be able to determine where to focus your marketing spend and activity, although it’s equally important not to rely on just one source for generating leads. You just never know where they will come from so keep as many avenues open as you can. Many of these won’t cost you anything apart from a little effort. At Chrysalis Partners we help you to strengthen your marketing and sales activities and all our world-class methods are low or no-cost to implement. We'll help improve all your current marketing pieces and develop effective new strategies that grow your business. What does this mean to the business owner?

  • You get a highly experienced individual who has a shared interest in ensuring your business is successful, without the added costs and responsibilities of an employee

  • With our support, you keep on track to ensure the strategies get implemented

  • We will help you to document processes and systemise your business to increase its market value when you decide to exit the business

  • As the business expands with additional sales and profits, it offers you more choices and flexibility to spend time doing the things you enjoy

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